Residential/commercial pressure washing in Thousand Oaks has been a blessing to some homeowners, and building owners whether they need to be held by a professional, or by a trained person in the house. This is because contrary to the traditional hand scrubbing, the pressure washing method offers a lot of advantages including faster cleaning methods, a more convenient process, and more efficient results. Most homeowners have used their pressure washers or have called professional pressure washing services to clean their roof, driveways, sidings, and other parts of house exteriors. The good news is pressure washers clean more than these parts and surfaces. Of course, you need to be careful with using the pressure washer as it can be quite dangerous.

In this article, we will provide you some of the materials, equipment, and house parts that a pressure washer is able to clean effectively and safely, which are the following:


Pressure cleaning your BBQ grill can be a taboo to some people. However, if you will let the trained and professional do it, it is possible. If done correctly with the right instructions, you will not damage your electrics.

2.putdoor furniture

If oyu have a patio or a veranda, you most probably have some outdoor furniture that has been accumulating dust, grime, and dirt for the past years. Using your pressure washer can effectively wash away this dirt and grime. You can use it on your wood, plastic, or vinyl outdoor furniture. Only a few people have pressure washed their outdoor furniture, so be one of these few people and see the magic it does.

3.Equipment like bikes, boats, lawnmowers, etc.

Many homeowners have admitted having to clean these things such as dog houses, bird baths, and the equipment mentioned above with their pressure washer, and have claimed that it is effective and safe, as well as did to cause any damage to the things and materials that were cleaned.

4.Cars and trucks

You probably are thinking, why use pressure washers if you can just opt for a milder house garden hose? The thing is, if you have a monster truck and it is covered with sold mud and grime, an ordinary garden hose and soap might not be adequate; hence, some car owners use pressure washers ot effectively remove difficult mud and dirt away from their vehicles.


Of course, any type of fence, whether wood, metal, or iron, or chain, pressure washing them to make them clean and new is an effective method. There would be no damage so long as your fence is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure on the water. The good news is, you can adjust the pressure on the equipment so it can be possible.

Other things that pressure washer can safely clean:

  • Woods decks
  • Front entrance stairs or your walkways
  • Concrete or tile floor on your patios
  • Garage floors
  • Pool cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Chimney

There are still a lot of things that pressure washers can clean with guaranteed safety. However, it is recommended that you let the professional do the job to avoid accidents.